One fine day, a mother was giving birth to her son. Nobody would know at that time that her son would grow up to become a conqueror of worlds, an unparalleled military strategist, an elite genius. That conqueror was the great emperor, Danish M.

Soon enough, the great Danish M was showing signs of genius intellect far beyond his years, or anyone else before him. He had learnt 5 languages when he was 5 weeks old, rethought the General Theory of Relativity before even having heard of it, excelled in every single subject and taught his teachers instead of the rightful opposite. His intelligence was so astonishing, that his teachers recommended him to the government for extreme subject acceleration. He was first put into secondary school at the age of 6, and then still excelled in every single subject. He was then put into the prestigious University of Oxford, in which he earned 5 PhDs in a year, astounding his professors with his otherworldly mindset. It was clear then that he was destined to become something great.

Our emperor, Danish M also thought so himself, and thus set out to break the status quo by conquering nations for his ultimate dream - Danish M Land. A united sanctuary of peace, prosperity and progression of the human race for which he would be the perfect leader. He immediately started work in the army, astounding his superiors with his godly tactician skills. He rocketed up the ranks, and in a week, he was already the head of the military of USA.

He then started by taking command of the North Korean nuclear missile satellite array, and then bombarding North Korea with the bombs. Very quickly, North Korea fell to the thing that they themselves used to hold the world at ransom. Next he quickly expanded, commanding his troops to take over the whole of North America. Within a year, the whole of North America was his. Next, he set his sights on Asia. He quickly took it over and started harvesting its resources for a seemingly unlimited supply of money for which to keep the morale of his troops up. He then expanded to the rest of the world, with the other nations providing futile resistance to the unification process.

He then announced his plans for a global united nation of Danish M land, in which humanity could live in peace. With his focus, medicine became so advanced, humans could easily live up to two hundred years, and AIDs and cancer could be treated with an injection. Next, he set his sights to the final frontier, Space. He set up colonies on the moon, then now with his focus on travelling in space, motherships were built that were capable of travelling past light speed. He then colonized the entire Solar System. But then, an unwelcome intruder was lurking on the horizon.

Aliens suddenly attacked on the dawn of the 15th year anniversary of Danish M Land. Quickly, the Lord, Danish M used his advanced space warships to shoot down the invaders, but more were coming. He created a personal bio-suit for space travel that was melded to the mind and body for impeccable usage, then set out against the invaders. In a few days, the ruins of this ancient alien civilisation were hovering around in outer space.

Humanity celebrated this achievement by elevating the great emperor to the status of their personal lord and saviour, and erected great temples and structures all dedicated to him. Our Wise and Benevolent Leader had become the leader of humanity, in only 30 years since the birth of the Great One.

Danish M, with his unparalleled intellect, had single-handedly helped our country, like a spring flower in the spring, to become the deadliest civilisation in the universe that ever existed. He would eventually solve the mysteries of the universe and of life, and though he always said it is too complicated for anyone else to understand, he would say that there is but one number that summarises life.